Review on Medora Lipsticks

Lipsticks are the essentials that each and every girl has. It is more like magic. The moment you apply it, it makes you look fresh and absolutely stunning. My mom who is a huge fan of lipsticks always go for this brand “Medora”. She keeps on comparing Medora with high end and drugstore Brands like Mac and Maybelline and others which i usually use. She still used to choose medora over all the other brands. Since Mac is a big brand and  one of my favorite, Medora, on the other hand, didn’t  look like it could compete with Mac lipsticks, was what I used to think. But everything changed after the day my mom forcefully made me apply it. The moment i applied medora, i fell in love with it. Medora offers a wide range of colors encouraging diversity with great names. It’s SUPER DOOPER Pocket Friendly.



Like I mentioned, it’s absolutely It’s creamy texture allowed the lipstick to spread evenly on the lips not leaving a single area. Loved how it didn’t make my lips dry after i removed the lipstick and still felt hydrated. And on a very serious note, now that I’ve used Medora, I think Mac is overrated and it’s formula is super drying and feels uncomfortable on my lips.

So Medora all the way!








3-4 good long hours

For best results  apply a lip primer then fill your lips with a colored pencil and then apply the lipstick.