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Open day @ Iqra University

December18/ 2017

Iqra University is Ranked as the top most University of Pakistan. It is famous because of the course “media Sciences” that it offers with exceptional faculty and great exposure. They have a wide variety of subjects for you to choose from.


Iqra University had the open day on 17th of December 2017 which gave all of us a chance to witness the beautiful made University.

Iqra University Open Day

The security was really strict with is a plus point keeping in mind the current law and order situation. On entering the university, we saw different people of different classes, gender, backgrounds all together, having fun and their faces for sure giving away the expressions of immense love for their second home, that is, Iqra University.


There were information and notice boards all around the university awaring the students of a lot of competitions, courses, activities and seminars encouraging them to take part in them. A lot of stalls were set up too, like that of, KFC (yes food is what I see first LOL), photo booth, Chess, Honda


and the most beloved and popular stall was that of a Python. Not the programming language Python but the real deadly snake python. People were allowed to actually touch it and keep it around their neck for pictures too, you’re freaking out right? So was I XD


Anyways, we were taken to the main auditorium while going there we encountered so many friends having fun, taking photographs, enjoying the company and the beautiful atmosphere.

Two plays were arranged for all of us. The Auditorium was fully packed, each and every seat was occupied till the very end. Cameras were set up at different angles, photographers and videographers were doing their tasks, lighting, sound system the air conditioner everything was on point.


Drama#1 performed by Dramatees: This drama had the graveyard as their setting and the characters involved were all that people, ghosts to be more appropriate. This play was a pack of laughter but at the end the message that was given portrayed our selfish society pretty well.


It made us realize how transgenders are people like us, how each and everyone of us destroy them from the inside by making fun of them. How respect is what is the most important thing in life and how they do not have it because of us. Once they are born they’re kicked out of the house and once they’re there dead there is no one to even burry them. This is one of the most serious problems that we as a society need to solve and it’s high time that we start respecting them and giving them their rights.


Drama#2 by some other group: This drama was superbly written and way more superbly presented. From the setting, to the characters, to the roles, to the costumes, to sound system , to lighting they didn’t allow our gaze to leave the stage even for a second. Yes, it was so so so BOMB I’d say. Display seems to spread the laughing gas around the Auditorium, every single person was laughing so hard that they were in tears because of it.


The jokes, the human, everything was perfect people together. The end however was very saddening.

All the characters died. The message that the exhibited towards the end of the play surely deserved the standing ovation (which they got). The message was that how foreigners who wish to destroy our beautiful land Pakistan, come here, create differences among us, divide us into sects and compel us to fight each other. If we put aside all our differences, work together, help each other as a Pakistani ONLY no one in this world can bring us down. Because Pakistan ( our Homeland) is a gift from Almighty to us and we are availing it. “ … And which of the bounties of your God will you thy deny?” So in love with the play *-* hats off to the entire team!!

After the drama there was this musical concert by this brand of Iqra University followed by a fashion show. I personally was not there to attend it but heard great stuff about it. Over all, the entire event was fun filled and full of blessings in experience I enjoyed a lot. Click here to find out more pictures, drama clips and what I got from there as a token of appreciation.


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