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Pro Makeup Tips glasses-wearers Needs to know!

April28/ 2018

Here are some Pro Makeup Tips for glasses wearers. In recent years, eyewear has become a chic fashion statement.

makeup tips for glasses wearers
The four-eyed among us may have painful memories of being teased as “Harry Potter” and how every time playing games resulted in broken frames, Makeup for glasses girl



but thanks to trend-setting celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Karlie Kloss, glasses now rank among the hippest accessories around the world.

Applying makeup can be tricky with the presence of glasses. Hence, we consulted a panel of makeup artists to gather their pro makeup tips for glasses wearers.

And here’s what we learned.

Makeup tips for glasses wearers


Buy an excellent magnifying mirror

Glasses-wearers need a vision-improving tool since they frequently need to remove their specs in order to apply eye makeup. Moreover, According to UK makeup artist Elaine Wilkinson, “the first investment [for glasses-wearers] should be a quality magnifying mirror.”

These reflecting surfaces allow nearsighted clients, the capability to clearly see what they’re doing, even without the need of their glasses.

Don’t Forget the rules for nearsighted and farsighted glasses-wearers vary

Furthermore, if your glasses make your eyes look smaller than usual use shades that are shimmery shiny and a sheen satin effect. This way your eyes will steal all the attention.


Don’t forget the liner and black pencil on your lower lash line to give the perfect definition to your eyes. You can also add some highlighting effect o the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop!

If your eyes look bigger in glasses use matt eye shadows and skip the liner.


How to prevent foundation and concealer from sticking to your frames?

Finding formulas that don’t stick to your frames can be hard.

Glasses-wearers who use foundation and concealer are all too familiar with the tendency of these formulas to smear against and stick to frames. If your makeup causes your glasses to slip and slide down the bridge of your nose — an annoying and all-too-common occurrence, then you are missing out these steps in your makeup. Use a matte moisturizer on the bridge of the nose to prevent oil formation. Once your makeup is ready do not forget to use a setting spray.

Now you are all good to go!

Falsies aint your thing

While false eyelashes have a reputation for framing and widening eyes, they have the opposite effect when glasses are involved. Long, false lashes can brush up against glasses lenses. You need to ditch them ASAP.

Use a volumizing mascara to give your lashes a dramatic effect. Choose a great mascara that emphasizes volume over length. Keeping the lashes full and separated will enhance eyes without getting in the way of glasses

Balance the look with a bold lip color


Glasses draw immediate attention to your eyes. But what about the lower half of your face? A bold lip makes a serious statement whether you have glasses or not, but the pairing of glasses and a bright lip just reads impossibly hot.

Some bold lip colors include red, maroon, hot pink, magenta etc. Find out more about lipsticks.



Its high time that you flaunt your makeup looks with the glasses on!



  • Crystal Reply
    2 years ago

    I wear glasses and this is very helpful. Love this post, great tips!

  • Britanni Boyd Reply
    2 years ago

    So much good information! Love this!

  • Andrea Reply
    2 years ago

    I actually prefer to wear very subtle make up if I wear my glasses, sometimes even mascara only. I also have this thing with earrings, I never wear them when I have my glasses on. Thanks for sharing <3

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