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Makeup By QB

September10/ 2018

               MAKEUP BY QB


Makeup artistry is one of the most leading industries in Pakistan right now. Hence, to find someone who can do magic with makeup and not leave you bankrupt is surely hard to find these days. Therefore, I would like to shed some light upon this makeup artist “Qirat Baber” aka makeupbyqb. She will definitely leave you awestruck by her makeup skills.




“Qirat Baber” is located in DHA Phase 7 in Karachi and is a home based professional makeup artist. She can do wonders with brushes. She has been certified by the very famous Huda kattan, dress your face, Illamasqua, makeup by Lillit, Natasha’s Salon and Maria’s Institute and Salon. What more are you looking for in a makeup artist?



Moreover, Her work displays how hardworking she is. The gorgeous eye makeup, flawless base, soft lips and the perfect shine is what her signature make up is. Furthermore, She believes everyone is beautiful and she only enhances one’s beauty. She is famous for doing the perfect eye makeup in town. Also, have a look at here Instagram.


What makes makeupbyqb Different?

What Makes a unique is the fact that despite of being so professional she is the most kind helpful and down to earth person that I’ve ever met or talked to. She is full of energy and is a very fun person to be with. I myself am an extremely big fan of hers who not only love her work but also love

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