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Ordering Makeup is not hard anymore. Read Why?

October25/ 2017

21st century girls are not the only ones who loves shopping. Girls loved to shop in every century and era. Shopping, for girls is a really fun activity, we enjoy doing it and it makes us happy and relaxed. But you need to be very vigilant while shopping, some might charge you more than the actual price, some my sell the dupes  making them look like original and what not. Makeup is one of the most bought things when a girl goes shopping. A lot of pages and shops are now here to make your makeup hauls easier. Today, I will be listing down the best shopping pages and shops from where you can easily by original makeup in reasonable price. So keep reading 😉

  1. Beauty point Karachi: Screenshot_2017-10-25-16-02-34They used to have a Facebook page only but now they have an outlet in Zamzama Mall and another one in Saima Square Mall near Millenium Mall. They have the best prices ever! Their delivery service is super impressing too. Also, if you have don’t want to buy makeup online you can simply visit their outlet, they have testers for almost everything. Moreover, the team is super friendly, cooperative and sweet. I have a very good experience with them as web. They accidentally sent the wrong shade of  l.a. girl Pro concealer on telling her that, she very sweetly responded and the concealer was exchanged in no more than 2 days with NO MONEY! Super impressed by the service.
  2. The Vault:Screenshot_2017-10-25-16-12-37 The vault is located at Emerald mall and is now known for selling original makeup. They also have a page named “Makeup and Accessories” hence they also deliver at your doorstep! They have amazing bands like Kylie, Dose, and etc. Furthermore, they do not only sell makeup but they have a huge variety of handbags, wallet for men, jewelry and a lot more you need to go check out. They offer amazing prices.
  3. Makeup Gallery:Screenshot_2017-10-25-16-02-50 The girl behind makeup gallery is super duper sweet! Her attitude towards you will actually make you want to order something. I personally have not ordered anything from here but my friends have and their experience is really fantastic. Moreover, makeup gallery has like WOW prices keeping the profit extremely minimal.
  4. Cosmetic Closet:Screenshot_2017-10-25-16-07-32 The products are original  and awesome prices! The owner is really friendly. They recently had makeup exhibition at Emerald Mall which I sadly was not able to attend but I heard breath taking stuff about it. It’s definitely a page you can count on.
  5. Cosmetic Candy:Screenshot_2017-10-25-16-08-00 They have great brands for you to select from with superb prices. The owner is friendly too. I personally haven’t tried it.
  6. Amor: screenshot_2017-10-25-16-07-16.png They have fantastic price list with a large amount of brands to offer. You will love how quickly and friendly the page will respond making you all comfortable.  
  7. Wakeup and Makeup: Screenshot_2017-10-25-16-07-04 The page is SUPERB! They have a great variety of brands for you making life easy for you. They offer exciting prices as well. The team is super friendly, understanding and loving. Loads of love to you guys💕


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