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Get flawless skin in not time!

March22/ 2018

In these modern days, we give preference to products manufactured by high-end brands rather than focusing on natural things. Here is one such natural ingredient which has been waiting in your refrigerators, wanting to be used while you neglected it and bought the ‘very expensive stuff’. This Ingredient will change the game turning your skin from Dull skin to flawless skin in no time.


That one ingredient is ICE!

Beautiful flawless  skin

Here’s how icing can help you with a lot of problems.

Improved Circulation

flawless skin because good blood-circulation

Blood circulation immediately improves once the ice is applied to the face. Cold shrinks the blood vessels hence the flow of blood is hindered and less blood goes to the surface of the skin. This leads to reduced inflammation and puffiness.

No More Discoloration

flawless skin with no pigmentation

Since pigmentation is basically infected inflammations, icing the skin will reduce pigmentation as well as soothe the irritation. Here is a tip for you, gently massage an ice cube on a pimple for 60 seconds to decrease it in size.

Reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness


Icing can reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes as in reduces the inflammation and swelling.

Tightens Pores


Icing your skin open pores that are filled with oil and sebum, therefore shrinking and tightening them making the skin flawless and super health 😊



Because icing your face improves circulation, it also helps with the wrinkles. Massage with an ice cube around the eyes, mouth, and forehead every morning for a couple of seconds and you’ll shortly notice a transformation! From Dull Skin to Flawless skin in No Time!

How to Ice for flawless skin:

Ice cubes for flawless skin

  1. Grab an ice cube and wrap it in a cloth of silk or soft thin material.
  2. Rub it over your face in soft, slow, circular motions giving yourself a massage.
  3. Go around the eyes and down your neck.
  4. Repeat this 2-3 minutes every morning for a fair and clear complexion.

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Now chose the foundation as per your skin type and Budget


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