A Local eye shadow. SO GOOD? SO CHEAP?

It is weird when a person who uses morphe, makeup revolution, Huda Beauty and a lot of other brands is actually taking out time to discuss this local palette I  “Glamorous 96 eyeshadow palette”. Since my birthday was approaching and I was totally broke every time we went for shopping I always asked my mom to buy me this palette to which she always said, “You have so many branded eyeshadow palettes why do you still want this to create looks?” But to my surprise, on my birthday she actually gifted me this freaking palette. download

This palette basically has 48 matte eyeshadows and 48 velvet glittery eyeshadow on the other side. PS. It is so FREAKING cheap!!!


It was nicely packed in a box on opening it, came out a black shiny box with the brand’s name on it. I honestly didn’t like the packaging it was just a mediocre one. They can certainly do well on the packaging. On opening the palette, it had 2 portions, the upper portion consisted of all glittery velvet eyeshadows and the lower portion had matte eyeshadows. I instantly fell in love with the palette after opening it. The colours left me awestruck.



Without wasting another minute I quickly swatched the eyeshadows. On doing that, I realized this is the best ever palette that I’ve ever had, I repeat the best palette I’ve ever had. The shades are super super super pigmented. The glittery eyeshadows settled really well on the eyes and you no more need a glue to apply the glitter * _ * the shadows blend really well and as for pigmentation, that has already taken my breath away. This is the perfect gift that my mom could’ve given me. I never knew something which is locally produced, this pigmented and this pocket-friendly can even exist. The moment you swatch the palette you surely cannot stop yourself from creating a look.


Con: The glittery eyeshadows have a little fallout but that can obviously be controlled but they tend to transfer above the crease too. Moreover, the matte shades are less pigmented as compared to Huda Beauty.

Price: 1150-1200

Available at: Imtiaz, Naheed, Chase

Rating: 4.5/5

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