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Is this really a Dupe of Colourpop?

March22/ 2018

Local products are often discouraged. Clazona is one such brand that has been neglected all that time.


Since I go to shopping really frequently I know what brands are good, and are in fashion. Just recently I saw a lot of products being tagged with the name of “Clazona” hence I decided to give it a try. I bought their liquid lipstick and you won’t believe how exactly it turned out to be.

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a small plastic bottle, thick from the top and thin from the bottom. it comes with an applicator which makes the application of the liquid lipstick easier.

Product: The product is really easy to apply. It doesn’t make your lips dry and cracky. It dries out pretty quickly and does not feel heavy on the lips at all. Its very lightweight and most importantly pocket-friendly.


Moreover, it is very long lasting and stays for as much as 24 hours. I believe its more like a dupe of colourpop!


Cons: People say it makes your lips darker. However, I haven’t experienced anything as such, at least not as yet.

Price: 150-200 PKR

Overall it is a great product and you guys should definitely try it out.

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